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A Modern Recipe for Sparkling Minds

January 14, 2015
Written by: Talia

At Buddings, we’re so lucky to have all these clever and inquisitive kids! They have bright minds, important questions, and a keen curiosity about… everything! That spark that each one brings in with them is the first ingredient for the magic that happens at daycare everyday.

Development in a Social Environment

Our attentive teachers may be leading the adventures, but most learning, especially the really important stuff, kids learn from watching and interacting with other kids.

In children’s first years, staggering development happens every few months. At Buddings, there are always bigger kids to look up to, and littler kids to take care of, for maximum exposure to learning.

As well as discovering that red and blue make purple, and that the nature of towers is to fall down, all the kids are also learning about meeting new people, playing together, and how to be friendly and polite.

Repeated Exposure to Life Lessons

A lot goes on in the hours your child is at Buddings, and a lot of energy goes into processing all their discoveries (that’s what afternoon naps are for!).

When children learn, process, practice, and repeat their new skills, the lesson sticks! When they attend Buddings regularly, they recognize and remember their friends, return to their favourite activities quickly, and feel more confident about daily routines. Especially the part where parents always come back!

The Context of a Modern Family

As a member of our daycare, you have access to a thoughtfully-designed learning environment, caring, professional teachers, and a cross-section of Vancouver kids – all of them your child’s peers, and future friends. The best part: It’s available whenever you want. Modern families love flexibility, but even modern children crave routine.

Make Buddings a twice weekly part of your child’s schedule, and watch that growing intellect sparkle!

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