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A New Season Begins

September 17, 2013
Written by: Johanna

Welcome to Bloom re-vamped!

After a couple of seasons under my belt, and the summer to reflect on what worked from last year and what changes I wanted to make, Bloom is back and better than ever.

After creating a new program philosophy Bloom has become all about connecting, and this season was designed with the intention of connecting the kids to themselves, to each other and to the world.  My new focus is: how can I enhance the kids’ sense of connection?  It is an on-going inquiry, and here’s how it’s been going so far…

To introduce the Bloomers to themselves and to each other we re-created an activity that last season’s kids loved!  We drew outlines of our bodies on the window and decorated them, talking about different parts of our bodies as we went.  We all had belly buttons, just like our friend Pete the Cat from our favourite story “Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons”, by Eric Litwin.  I even got to decorate an outline of myself, and one of the girls sweetly gave me wings!


To continue connecting to ourselves, we launched into an exploration of the five senses.  We got tickled by feathers, listened to the ringing of the singing bowl, smelled sweet and punget scents, and tried bitter, sour, sweet and salty foods.  The kids were most surprised by the sourness of the lemon and the unexpected bitterness of the unsweetened chocolate .

Our on-going project for this month taps into the kids’ more artistic sides.  We are re-creating a papier mache project from last season.  This time, instead of making worlds, we are making our own papier mache heads!  Most (thought not all) of the kids, loved the goopy texture of the papier mache (or monster goop as we call it).


I’m most looking forward to painting the faces on, and seeing how the children choose to represent themselves.  In the meantime, we’re off to the wig store to get some inspiration!

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