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A Tasting Adventure at Whole Foods

October 20, 2013
Written by: Johanna

On my recent visits to the Whole Foods Cambie store, I’ve been struck by all the beautiful fall displays and the abundance of delightfully-tasty-looking fall produce.  As the Bloom kids and I explore the world of fall with the help of our gnome friends, I thought visiting the store would be a great opportunity for them to explore some of these displays that I’ve been enjoying and to see what kinds of produce are available at this time of year.

So after a quick chat with Lucia Nielson, the store Kids’ Club Coordinator, we made a date to bring the kids in for a tour…

What the kids noticed first, was the amazing variety of pumpkins and squashes.  Orange ones, green ones, round ones, gnobbly ones, big ones, small ones…the list goes on and on.  Trained to always be on the look-out for gnome hide-aways, they were also thrilled to see the gigantic decorative mushrooms, flowers and fall plants that have transformed the store into a magical fall wonderland.  We supposed many of these extra-large mushrooms would be ideal shelters for our little gnomes to live.

Lucia was ready for us upon arrival, and after some brief introductions she enthusiastically started us off on our tasting adventure, starting with an apple and carrot juice from the smoothie bar.  With bright orange carrot-juice moustaches, we continued through a crowded store as we explored the purple, pink, red, and white radishes, tasted crunchy grapes, delicious candied salmon, wonderfully creamy cheese, and the most decadent fresh-baked brownies.

Every department we visited had samples prepared, and there was even a special gluten-free pumpkin cookie set aside for one of the girls.  She was so thrilled by her special cookie, that it didn’t leave her sight for the rest of the tour.


As if we had not already had enough treats for one day, Lucia had goodie bags ready for each child at the end of the tour, with some healthy snacks and pencil cases inside.

Thanks to our sweet new friend Lucia, we left the store feeling full of yummy food and delightful surprises, and talked about the experience the whole way back to Buddings.  And then we talked about it some more once we arrived.  We had to brag to everyone about how great the trip was after all.

With a renewed zest for keeping our gnomes well-fed, and feeling inspired with ideas for gnome homes, we will be exploring and expanding our lentil-table-turned-gnome-world for the final two weeks of October.  Stay tuned!

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