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Big Kids Club is our seasonal program of structured play and learning. It’s open to big kids of all ages, and especially tailored for the interests and developmental needs and abilities of preschoolers. The program usually runs from 1 – 4pm, and for field trip days, so we can get there and back, we run an extra hour, from 1 – 5pm.

This summer, we’re pleased to announce the return of our Summer Field Trip Program – Big Kids Abroad! Launched in 2014, with explorations that took us all around the Lower Mainland, the program is back this summer with two trips a week, and a special focus on Granville Island.

Check out Johanna’s blog post on the program kick-off trip, to the Vancouver Jazz Festival. Do your kids like drums, music, or playing outside? They would probably fit right in! And Talia is training up a whole new batch of Big Kids, on her trip to Yaletown.

The schedules for the summer months are below (click the images for the larger view in a new window) and login to sign your child up for drop-in field trips all summer long! Not a member yet? There are spaces available for the summer months. Apply today!

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Click Here for the list of adventures from 2014

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