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The Buddings Staff

Talia Erickson, BA., BJH – Daycare Administrator/Owner

Talia Erickson has been living in Vancouver since 2007, inspired by the creativity of this gorgeous city. She holds a Combined Honours degree in Psychology and Journalism, and has put both to good use in her career in marketing and membership development, as well as website management. After years as a free lance consultant, with an eye open for entrepreneurial opportunities, she brought all her skills together to create Vancouver’s first flexible occasional childcare centre.

It may seem like a big jump, but browse through her bi-weekly newsletters, blog posts, or web content and you’ll see that her talent for clear communication transfers to childcare seamlessly. Being an accomplished grant writer, market researcher, and business case evaluator doesn’t hurt either.

She also handles the books, admissions, and general administration, and with over 100 hours of relevant childcare training, the hours she spends on the floor with the kids make her job the most fun she’s ever had.

Jayme Ross, ECE. – Toddler Specialist

Jayme Ross began working with toddlers as soon as she finished her Early Childhood Education specialization in Infants and Toddlers at Camosun College in 2011. She was hired straight out of her practicum placement to the toddler room at Our Children’s Centre in Victoria, and was there for two years, where she became the acting senior teacher. She has lots of patience with this age group, and has fantastic natural consequence explanations for all their questions and ideas. That’s an essential talent for the inevitable, and unending “whys” we encounter in the run of a day! ;)

As our resident Toddler Specialist, she leads the floor staff on toddler-specific concerns, around separation, anxiety, and dum dum dum… tantrums. Not that we have a lot of them here, but it’s always nice to have an expert!

She’s a talented ECE and writer, and she contributes to our blog with explanations and advice on many of the most baffling toddler behaviours.


Johanna Peters, BA., BEd. – Preschoolers’ Program Coordinator

Johanna is thrilled to be teaching the new Preschoolers’ Program at Buddings, as it combines all of her passions—working with children, being creative, and learning about child development, along with a lot of joy and laughter.

With a B.Ed. in Elementary Education from UBC, Johanna brings knowledge of curriculum development and the BC school system, as well as an understanding of the many different learning approaches that are available to draw from. Working as an intern at Buddings through the fall of 2012, she gained additional knowledge in the area of early childhood education, taking courses on various topics, such as “Understanding Anxiety in Young Children” and “New Approaches to Pre-School Literacy”. The internship has provided her with 55 hours of specific training, as well as the opportunity to see the Buddings philosophy at work, and the ins and outs of flexible childcare.

As a yoga teacher, she loves weaving yoga games and stories into the curriculum to keep the kids moving and having fun. Her love of music, art and stories are sure to influence the Preschoolers’ program, as she always encourages children to express themselves and to be creative. She believes in engaging children through concrete, experiential learning activities, and making new material meaningful by connecting it what the kids already know.




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