Aïda Soldevila is here to help!

Aïda (three syllables: “I-E-Da”) Soldevila’s arrival, also with a degree in Pedagogy (a Masters, no less!), is the cherry to top off our Spring team.

Aïda hails from Spain, Catalonia to be precise, where she studied Psychopedagogy at the University of Barcelona, taught competitive swimming to adults, children, and blind children, and discovered a passion for helping those facing challenges.

She led research into reading comprehension among children with learning disabilities, taught sexual education to immigrant high school students, and worked with a summer camp for kids with motor and visual challenges. All that to say, she is open, accepting of abilities, and able to work with literally anyone.

Aïda joins us mid-March, training and covering at Broadway, while some of the senior staff head up to start our new Storybook. Until then, you can reach her at (you guessed it) aïda@buddings.ca.