Welcome to Buddings, Anna Hasonova!

“Vitajte” to Buddings, Anna! That’s Slovakian for “welcome,” and while she’s only just arrived, we’re extremely glad she’s here. Anna has a degree from the Faculty of Pedagogy at the University Comenius in Bratislava, with a focus in art therapy. Plus she studied fashion and design, and also has some serious art schooling under her belt as well.

Did we mention her 13 years of childcare experience?

Anna is in training this season, and getting acquainted with the kids, parents, and protocols, but we’re so glad she’s come. The daycare is a busy place, and her helpful hands are just what we need to round out our mornings.

She’s finding her feet, and if you’d like to wish her welcome, she speaks German, Slovak, Czech, and English. Take your pick, and send it over to anna@buddings.ca. ?