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Bees, Birds and Blooms, oh my!

May 4, 2013
Written by: Johanna


While spring has come into full swing here in Vancouver, the Bloom kids and I have wrapped up our official exploration of spring, though I’ve no doubt the process of discovery will continue to grow and blossom beyond the walls of Buddings.

Our last days of Bloom spring were filled with discovery, exploration and creation.  One of my favourite projects so far was creating our own bird nests.  I gave parents a heads-up about the project and I was so grateful to all the parents when the kids arrived excited to make their nests.  Some of the children came in with materials they had found, and all of them came with an eagerness to get started.

The kids were only allowed to use natural materials (materials that a bird might actually use), and they were set with the task of working with them to create a comfortable and functional home for a bird.  This was no easy task and there was certainly a lot of ‘I can’t do its’ that came up from the kids.  Lawrence, who was graciously assisting, and I suggested to the kids that they try making their fingers into the shape of a bird’s beak to see what the experience would really be like for a bird.  Not surprisingly it didn’t make the challenge any easier…but the kids definitely gained an appreciation for how long it takes for a bird to build her home!

I loved the conversations the kids had about which materials to use to make the comfiest nest.  Despite the challenge, the kids were so proud of their nests in the end, and what continues to gratify me most is what I learn from them in their sharing.

The creator of this nest was most proud of how squishy and cozy he was able to make his, and how nice it would be for a bird to live here!


In our closing week of spring, we were also able to complete the on-going spring murale project we’ve been working on.  Can you find the bees, the caterpillar, the grass, the carrot, and the floating tree?  The only question is what to do with this collaborative piece.  There has been some talk of auctioning it off to the highest bidder.  Details to come…

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