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Big Kids Abroad – Fieldtrip Program Kick-Off

July 3, 2015
Written by: Johanna

Summer has arrived in full-force! And while the air-conditioning at Buddings offers a very welcome respite to the afternoon heat, we also want to take advantage of the warm weather, festivals and summer fun.

Last Friday we launched our Summer Field Trip Program by heading down to Granville Island to take in a show from Vancouver’s thriving Jazz Festival. We arrived just in time as the band was on a quick break before starting their second set. This allowed us to find the perfect seats right up front, and enjoy some extra time out of the sun while we waited for them to begin.

The Buddings troupe were the only kids in Performance Works, and we sure got a lot of attention and admiration from surrounding festival goers.

The band performing Friday afternoon came all the way from London, England. I would call the music created by Cloudmakers Trio something along the lines of experimental, abstract jazz with its creative percussion and sound. With only a vibraphone, a bass, and drums, the range of sounds and moods the trio created was very impressive.

The diversity of sounds and movement between very quiet and very loud dynamics kept the kids engaged. Or mostly engaged. Two songs did the trick, and then it was time for us to leave.

The experience really made an impact on the kids. These were some of their highlights from the experience:


Maksim: The drums

Heron: The xylaphone (vibraphone), when the man was using the sticks (violin bows), and went bam! bam! bam! and made all the funny sounds!

Raha: The instruments. There were three instruments. (Vibraphone, drums and upright bass)

Carter: Going outside to play

We have a unique and fun field trip planned for every Friday of July and August, and rotating other days as well. Find the calendar of events on the Big Kids Abroad page.
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