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BKC Presents: All Fall Down 2017

September 3, 2017
Written by: Ehlssie

This Autumn, lets get ready to “All Fall Down!” into the next Big Kids Club Season. Get ready for three months of educational fun and adventures, as the Big Kids Club spends the afternoons engaging in circle time, arts and crafts, baking, singing, exploring the woods, and much more!










Florence Tsai

Sarah MacDonald

Ehlssie Tecson

Talia Erickson

Kezia Antholyka

Every afternoon, from September until November, our teachers present an educational program of play and learning; all about social engagement, and of course, getting outside. We will have field trips to forests, parks, libraries, and farms while studying important aspects such as nutrition, storytelling, animals, and physics! Big Kid Preschoolers, and those toddlers who don’t sleep in the afternoons, are in for a treat!

Weekday classes run from 1 – 4pm, with many fieldtrips happening at least once a week, from 1-5pm. Saturday-care is flexible, from 10am – 4pm.

Check out the program:

Yoga with Jade

Get ready for Monday breathing techniques, stretches and exercises; Jade comes back to Buddings as our BKC yoga teacher! Join the fun on Mondays, from 1-4 pm!

Florence Tsai: Autumn Harvest

Florence continues to bring her joy of cooking, and degree in nutrition, to our fall program! She will have a weekly cooking class about autumn harvests, with occasional field trips to the UBC farm! Tuesdays from 1 – 4pm.

Sarah Macdonald: Enchanted Forest

This fall, Sarah will continue to lead the kids on an enchanted walk into the forest, under the shade of the West Coast canopy. Wednesdays, from 1-4 pm with bi-weekly field trips happening 1-5 pm.

Ehlssie Tecson: Cultural Fairytales

We all know the tale of Little Red Riding Hood or the story of Cinderella, but every Thursday from 1-4 pm, we will go beyond that as we explore stories and fairytales from different parts of the world!

Talia Erickson: G-Force Physics Class

Get ready to take in info about the physical world, and to learn how these forces shape our experience. Fridays from 1 – 4pm, it’s all about physics with Talia.

Kezia Antholyka: Astronomy

This season, we leave our newest BKC teacher Kezia, to shoot for the stars as she explores the topic of astronomy! Join her on Saturdays from 10-4 pm.

#BKCAllFallDown runs from Sept 5 – Nov. 31, 2017.

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