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BKC Presents: Spring has Sprung 2018

February 27, 2018
Written by: Ehlssie

The days are getting warmer and longer; gardeners prepare to sow, leaves and flowers start to blossom along bare branches. From the warmth of the sun, and the downpour of rain, comes rainbows… and in March comes spring!

This spring, we are presenting a diverse, unique, and fun set of classes for our upcoming season! From cooking and science classes, to dramatic play and much more,  there are countless presentations and activities the teachers have in store for all Big Kids and non-nappers of Buddings!








Forces of Nature with Ehlssie Marquez

Japanes Treats with Ayumi Kato

Planes, Trains & Autos with Sarah MacDonald

Kids Theatre with Tomomi Ito

Planting Class with Kezia Antholyka

We have a pet to care for on Saturdays!

Every afternoon, from March until May, our teachers will present a ‘blossoming’ educational program of play and learning. We will cover important developmental skills essential for overall success, such as turn taking, raising up their hand with questions,  and sharing attention of teachers! Of course, peer interaction through sharing and team work will enhance overall social development. Big Kid Preschoolers, and those toddlers who don’t sleep in the afternoons, are in for a treat!

Weekday classes run from 1 – 4pm, with many fieldtrips happening at least once a week, also from 1-4 pm. Saturday classes run from 11 – 2pm.

Check out the program:

Mondays with Ehlssie: Forces of Nature
Join the scientists of Buddings as we unravel the forces of nature! From storms to volcanic eruptions, in this class we will do an in depth examination of different processes of the natural world!

Tuesdays with Ayumi: Japanese Treats
Join the cooks and bakers of Buddings as we learn about (and eat) the best treats Japan has to offer!

Wednesdays with Sarah: Planes, Trains,and Automobiles Calling all vehicle lovers! Here comes the Big Kids Club class you have all been waiting for! In this class we will learn all about the various processes of transportation.

Thursdays with Tomomi: Dress up Drama 
This class will be all about imaginative play! Join us as we use our wildest imagination to be anyone and anything we want to be in any story we can dream of!

Fridays with Kezia: Gardens Grow 

This hands on class is all about digging in the dirt, literally! In this class we will learn all about how we can make gardens bloom and grow, with a focus on nutrition and healthy eating.

Saturdays this Spring: We have a pet! 

This season, our daycare gecko, four frogs, dozen fish, snails, shrimp, and crickets, are joined by the sweetest, nicest little mammal they’ve ever met. He doesn’t have a name yet, but this little snuggler is squeaking into our hearts. Join us on Saturdays to take care of our new guinea pig.

#BKCSpringhasSprung runs from March 5, 2018 – June 1, 2018

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