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Bringing Transportation to Life

February 4, 2014
Written by: Johanna

Transportation month brought with it the repeated singing of one of our favourite books, ‘We all go Traveling By’, by Sheena Roberts.  We even made our own version of the book, entitled ‘Traveling to Buddings’, highlighting some of the things the kids see on their way to Buddings.

After also creating our own fleet of boats and exploring all different sorts of methods of transport, it was time to make transportation month really come to life by going on a sightseeing, travelling adventure.  With our transportation bingo cards in hand, a few brave preschoolers and I left the familiar comfort of Buddings to forge our own adventures in Vancouver and beyond!

Our mission outside of Buddings was to find as many of the methods of transportation pictured on our bingo cards as possible.  Unfortunately, we did not see any submarines, rocket ships or horses; however, we saw bikes, boats, cars, busses and trains galore!  We even caught sight of two helicopters and a sea plane!

We were blessed with a dry Vancouver day, as we left Buddings to first catch the bus, taking us to Broadway – Cityhall station where we hopped on the Canada Line and rode to Waterfront station.  Thankfully our friends Zak and Nolan had made this trip before, and they kept track of each stop we passed on our way, making sure we made it all the way to Waterfront.  The most exciting portion of our trip ensued, as we ventured over to the North Shore aboard the sea bus.  The views both from the sea bus, and from Lonsdale Quay were magnificent, especially as the sky began to clear and the sun shone over downtown Vancouver.

Our bingo cards filled quickly, and Zak was the first to get a bingo when we spotted a sea plane from across the water.  After a quick snack and some time to explore Lonsdale Quay, we were ready to make the return trip, retracing our steps all the way back to Buddings.

What I particularly loved about this trip, was that it was all about the joy of travel.  There was no big reward at the end of the trip, the reward was in the journey itself.  It was what we saw and experienced along the way that made the trip so special!  And it felt like we returned to Buddings with a whole new perspective, and with a new experience to share and connect us.

I hope that the connection and excitement will continue at Buddings, as we spread love for the whole month of February!

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