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Buddings Kids: Big Sister Lucie

March 25, 2015
Written by: Talia

I was looking through the Dropbox photo collections from summer 2012, and the magic of child development carried me through a time warp.

There I was, frozen in time at the playdoh table, making cookies with the kids, but they were all babies!

Baby Emma, and Baby Maksim, Baby Elwood, and Baby Lucie! Omg! I can’t believe she was ever that little.

Lucie is now four years old, as she will be the first to tell anyone. She still loves her “ya-ya” duck (a name she adopted for Buddings when I misunderstood), and she’s still strongly attached to her family, but after 18 months of attendance, she’s certainly not a baby anymore. Now, she’s is a big sister, and she has big ideas, and strong opinions!

Watching her race around Buddings these days, it’s easy to forget that she was ever the wide-eyed toddler who so looked up to Claire and Avery. She followed them everywhere, and would happily play any part of any game. Now she’s the game-maker, organizing talent shows, chairing important meetings, and lending mature and heartfelt support to friends who need it.

She’s my go-to girl when shy girls start at Buddings, because not only does she know all the best games, toys, and hiding places, but beneath her comfort and bravado, she’s a shy girl herself.

Her baby sister was born last October, and while six months in the life of any preschooler is full of change and development, Lucie’s family was also growing. There was a lot to take in.

At first, she was excited! So so so excited! She jumped up and down, and talked about all the things she wanted to show and share.

Then she was clingy. Arrivals at Buddings were filled with tears and hugs, and a well-expressed desire to stay at home with her mom and baby. Extreme emotions jumped out at surprising moments, sometimes related to the games she was playing, sometimes related to her feelings about her sister, and sometimes they jumped out of nowhere! What a rollercoaster!

Happily, her status in her family seems to have settled. She talks about her baby without getting upset, and tells us about the things they’ve done at home together.

Lucie and her sister have the rest of their lives together. They each have a best friend and confidant whose love and presence is a life certainty that only siblings really know. As they grow up, they’ll have each other to play with, and fight with from time to time, and I know that Lucie will be the star that shines in Lily’s eyes forever. From now on, they’ll be the sisters, the girls, and all manner of plurals, but here at Buddings, we knew her when she was just Lucie.

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