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Buddings Kids: Daniel’s New Word

March 25, 2015
Written by: Talia

“Daniel is here!” shouts Lucie, hopping up and down by the gate. It’s almost snack time, and in her excitement to see her friend, a whole minute goes by between requests to taste an ingredient from our muffins.

Daniel smiles and carries his bag and cubby card to the cubbies.

When he first arrived at Buddings, bright-eyed and smiling, a day over 18 months old, he was a man of few words, and a hilarious array of sounds that were both communication and play. Like almost all little boys, he loves cars, trains, and things with wheels, and in the months (10!!) that have passed, he has made his own incredible journey – from littlest Buddy, to talented toddler.

A few months ago, I remember dazzling him with the magnetic magic of North and South facing magnets (trains). Now I’m the one dazzled by his engineering abilities. He builds tracks, organizes his train cars, narrates his play, and explains it patiently when Carter’s train is blocking the tunnel. I’m ready to help, but they negotiate the impasse, and he continues on his way.

He’s popular among the older kids because he comes in the afternoons, during Big Kids Club, and these days, he’s popular among the little kids, because he can show them all kinds of things. At almost two and a half, Daniel has become an imaginative boy with a big vocabulary and big opinions.

“Daniel do it,” is his new favourite phrase.

Though not always.

Later that evening, when I tell him it’s time to go to the bathroom, he flashes me his 100 watt smile and gives me his other favourite phrase.

“No thanks.”

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