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Buddings Kids: Imaginative Maksim

March 25, 2015
Written by: Jen

A flutter of arms sends Maksim “flying” through the gate at Buddings.  “Are you a pterodactyl today Maksim?” I ask. Maksim has been really into dinosaurs lately so this is my best guess. “No I’m a baby eagle!” and in he flies to find the rest of his eagle family.

It doesn’t take long for some more kids to join in the fun, happily flying around Buddings. There is an eagle mama, an eagle sister, and a cheetah chasing them all, just for good measure. As they run, hop and fly back and forth and in circles around Buddings, the happy hollers of excitement fill the air.

Maksim is the kind of child that loves to be involved in imaginative play…especially when he can involve other children or adults and create a family. The families are sometimes of the animal variety, and sometimes they include other characters like police officers or firemen, but there is always a community of characters, which is what makes Maksim’s games so much fun.

Back at Buddings, Maksim and his friends soar past me as the “caws” of eagles and “roars” of cheetahs beckon for all the kids to join in the fun. Maksim is a big kid of 4 now, but he still remembers his younger days and is always open to inviting the curious toddlers to become part of his story. “You can be the baby, and I’ll be the mama eagle, okay?” he suggests.

The kids take turns suggesting new ideas, moving their story in new directions. “The baby eagle is so dirty, he needs a bath!” and off they go creating this everchanging whimsical world of eagle baths and cheetah birthday parties. Now what can be more fun than that!

It’s a pleasure spending time with imaginative young children like Maksim. For me, it’s also a fascinating way to open my mind to the fantastical possibilities that my more rational adult mind has long since forgotten….of course eagles and cheetahs can have parties together! I can only hope that I will be invited to have some cake. Magically, as if he read my mind, Maksim says “Jen come on! We’re having a party!” I couldn’t be happier.

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