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Buddings Kids: Playful Zoe

March 25, 2015
Written by: Johanna

“No Zoe today”, says Lori with feigned disappointment as she walks into Buddings all alone, “But I brought lots of snacks for the teachers!”

We’ve discovered playfulness to be one of the best tools we have to make the kids feel comfortable upon arrival, and this game we play with Zoe has become her regular routine.

“Wow, great Lori! Thanks for bringing us snacks today! We are soooo hungry!” exclaim the teachers.

But just as we are about to open the snacks and gobble them up, in runs Zoe protesting, “No, those are MY snacks!!!”

At which point we all groan with disappointment, but admit that we are glad Zoe is here to play today, even if we can’t eat her snacks.

Zoe’s presence at Buddings is much more appreciated by kids and teachers alike than getting to eat her snacks, no matter how yummy they are. She is a friend that many of the kids love to play with due to her vivid imagination and playful personality, and playing the snack game helps her settle in with a smile.

Lately her favourite game to play is fairy world. Naturally she is the queen fairy (I get to be the prince), and we spend our time searching for missing fairies, locating lost fairy wings and nursing injured fairies back to health at the fairy hospital.

Zoe is a lover of stories and a great storyteller herself. It is the world of stories and open curiosity that kids bring with them that really feeds me as a Buddings teacher. And luckily I remember to pack my own snack most days, so I don’t mind if Zoe doesn’t share hers.

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