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Buddings Kids: Taking a Deep Breath with Gabriel

March 25, 2015
Written by: Johanna

Opening on Fridays can seem like an early start to the day, but I am always uplifted when I think of the regular Friday kids who will soon be arriving, one of whom is Gabriel.

Gabriel is often the first kid in the door on Friday mornings. Now it is part of my morning routine to wait until Gabriel arrives to feed the fish their breakfast. I love the energy and dynamism of the daycare when it is full of kids, and I also cherish these quiet moments when I get to spend time with a child one-on-one.

I let Gabriel tap the food into the tank, while we observe and chat about what the fish are doing.

“Look, there’s a shrimp climbing on the tree!”

“Do you see the sucker fish behind the log?”

“I think beta is hungry this morning!”

The nature of Buddings as a flexible daycare is change, with kids coming and going throughout the day, and new kids being integrated in all the time. Within the flux and flow, however, we find little routines that create consistency and connection, like my mornings with Gabriel.

Gabriel has also become one of my regular “Yo-Yo-Yoga with Johanna” participants. He and Julian have become expert yogis and by now are familiar with the routines of our yoga time. “Rub your hands, and take a deep breath” is the song that gets us going, and Gabriel often helps me at the end of yoga time when we are relaxing.

Whether it is the singing bowl, the scarf wave or the tickling feather, Gabriel is always ready to lie down and relax.

“Hanna, I want a blanket!”, he’ll often exclaim as he lies down to rest.

Buddings is a place full of movement and play, so when the quiet moments come, they are all the more precious. Gabriel is one of these quiet moment kids whose presence in the daycare always makes my day brighter.

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