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Butterfly Feet Yoga Dance

January 31, 2016
Written by: Talia

With the beautiful and talented Lisa Sars:

“On Butterfly Feet Mondays, we explore concepts such as loving kindness and compassion, through our “love hearts” (this is where we make our hands into the shape of a heart and imagine love exploding out of our hearts to whomever we wish), giving our bodies a chance to dance, and stretching our muscles through yoga poses.

And we have super fun!

At Buddings, I’m constantly amazing at how eager the children are to jump into class – even when they’re only 1.5 years old.

They are full of so much energy, enjoying the practice and routines. We use “kindie artist and musical yogini” Kira Willey in class every week combining beautiful music with movement. Check out her sunshiny kids music and see how creative yoga can be.

Ask your child to do the “Rollercoaster” movements with you – sitting with legs wide, and stretching side-to-side with arms up – and get some yoga in for yourself!

This season at Buddings, we’ll learn about Helicopters, Airplanes, Boats, Dragons, Lizards, Trains, and Buildings to take it to another level – a playful level.

Yoga is about creating relation with our world, when we become a ‘Boat’ with our body, it give us a deeper understanding of what a boat is. It’s engaging our mind, body, and heart at the same moment.

For us, it’s Yoga and Dance, but movement of any kind is great.  When you take a walk, stop and practice Tree Pose by a tree, see what you learn!




Lisa Sars

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