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Creating the World

March 22, 2013
Written by: Johanna

As we’ve been exploring food, art and culture from places near and far in our journey “Around the World”, we’ve also been busy exploring the world as a whole, by creating our very own worlds.

The impetus to create our own worlds arose out of the realization that maps and atlases, though interesting, don’t have a ton of meaning for 3-5 year olds.  Many of the kids loved looking at the world atlas and were super curious about it, but using an atlas to explore the world is a little too abstract for most preschoolers.

By creating their very own 3-D worlds, the kids have been able to get a more concrete understanding of how our earth is shaped and what it consists of.  Meanwhile, I created a more accurate representation of our planet earth to show the kids how our earth is made up of land masses and water, where the icy north and south poles are located, and where we ourselves are located within this vast, watery world.

First, we used balloons, and then covered them with papier mache to create spherical 3-D shapes!


Next, the kids could create their worlds any way they wanted, choosing what colours they wanted to paint their worlds, and if they wanted to add any texture for clouds.  Here are some of the finished (and some of the unfinished…) products!



To compliment our ‘creating worlds’ project, we also told stories from different cultures about how the world came to be!  In the story depicted here, the world emerged out of a butterfly coccoon, and the people came as stewards of the earth, given the important task of taking care of the land, water and all the animals.


Find out what we’re up to next month as we continue to explore the world, this time discovering how life continually renews itself in the beautiful season of SPRING!



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