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Cubby Card Matching Game

January 15, 2018
Written by: Talia

Welcome to Buddings! We’re glad you’ve arrived at our centre!

Take your coat off, settle in, and please enjoy this quick name-tag and labeling system training for what to do – with your stuff – when you arrive at Buddings:

Step 1: Choose a cubby with two blank, MATCHING cubby cards, and label both cards with child(ren)’s names. CLEARLY. (Markers are for parents and teachers.)

Step 2: Hang one card from a hook in the matching cubby, and leave outdoor wear, sleep accessories, and ALL FOOD (unless it should go in the fridge).

In summer, please apply sunscreen to your child. A dispenser of natural product is provided. We will reapply after 3 hrs.

Step 3: Bring fridge food in a LABELED container, plus LABELED bathroom kits (if any/all welcome), and a LABELED water bottle inside the gate, with your child – wearing shoes or slippers (label optional).

Step 4: Once inside, invite your child to pick a cubby for their things and hang the card from the hook to the left. A big hug at the gate, but there’s time for one more “goodbye!”

Let’s all meet at the window for a wave!

Upon your return: Collect everything from the cubby INCLUDING the cubby card. Sign out. Erase the cards and hang them back in the EMPTY cubby.

The “Left & Found” is on top of the cubbies, and provides major contribution to our semi-annual clothing swaps. Please visit our Events Calendar for upcoming dates. Or, follow us on Instagram and Facebook! 😉



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