Dana Kearley brings the rainbow

Summer sun shimmers, and our summer staff shines since Dana Kearley arrived this season. A colourful personality with occasional centre experience (that’s a first!), Dana brings a rainbow’s breadth of tricks and tacts to our preschoolers and toddlers.

Dana is a provocative artist and illustrator, with a Fine Arts Diploma from Langara, and currently pursues her Fine Arts Degree at Emily Carr. She’s also an experience childcare provider, having worked in daycare centres, nannying for families, and even combined her two passions facilitating children’s art programs with 4Cats.

As a visual artist, with a joy of colours, sharing her passion with the kids brightens her day, and since working with her on the floor is an easy breeze, she’s a part-time appearance that lights up the afternoons.

Dana’s in training at both centres this summer, and you can’t miss her when she’s here. Find her online at dana@buddings.ca.