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Eggs, the Symbol of Spring!

April 14, 2015
Written by: Jen

Things have been pretty egg-sellent around Buddings lately, with new spring programs, more daylight, and new life abound! In Big Kids Club we’ve been talking a lot about all the different animals that hatch out of eggs. To get an extra special hands-on egg-sperience we ventured out to Le Marché St. George where owner Pascal showed us le Marché’s backyard chicken farm!

Looking for Magic Eggs

Tulip, Shadow, and Mrs. Brown

Upon arrival at the farm, we were introduced to the three chickens who live there; Tulip, Shadow, and Mrs. Brown. The chickens seemed a little wary of our presence at first, but soon were quite happy we were there as Pascal gave us each some special chicken food to feed them!  The chickens loved it! Apparently the food we were giving them was their special feed, “It’s like ice cream for chickens” explained Pascal.

Once the feeding was done, Pascal helped us pet Shadow, the tamest of the brood. Considering she was being fondled by excited preschoolers, Shadow did very well.

Pascal was very proud to announce that he had seen some magic eggs around the coop. Sure enough, in the nest the kids found some shiny eggs….magic eggs, which happened to be filled with chocolate!

Motherly Mrs. Brown was sitting tight on her remaining eggs so Pascal had to come help us see how many eggs were in her nest. The kids found 6 large brown eggs! We gathered them up and brought them back to Buddings for an egg-stra special snack later in the week.


Feeding the chickens

The Chicken and the Egg

With the connection made between chicken and egg, all of the kids were keen to take care of an egg of their own and so, the game was afoot! Each found their own unique “egg” and made a little nest for themselves and promptly sat guarding their eggs. Every once and a while, a brave chicken would come by and scrutinize the kids’ brooding technique.

Thanks to Pascal and Le Marché St. George for making our trip most egg-sellent. What fun we had at this neighbourhood farm!

Looking at Shadow

Petting Shadow

Sitting on her egg

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