Ehlssie has super powers… so she’s the assistant manager

Ehlssie Tecson is the daycare dream teacher who catches on quickly and intuits the problems that loom large for kids and toddlers, and families, and her co-workers too! Her background in anthropology seems to have given her superpowers when it comes to understanding different perspectives. She holds a Bachelor Degree from UBC, and did her Daycare Basics training right here at Buddings.

This season, Ehlssie steps out into the wild, with a scientific exploration of the powers of nature. Volcanos, earth quakes, tornados, and lightning are fascinating for children and Ehlssie has the Big Book of Forces to answer all their questions. Mondays this spring, from 1 – 4pm.

She’s in the house Monday to Friday, supervises the floor when Sarah’s away, and you always reach her at Ehlssie@buddings.ca.