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Endings and Beginnings

August 9, 2013
Written by: Johanna

BLOOM Season in Reflection…


It seems to me, that in life there are cycles that repeat themselves over and over again.  In any experience, there is a beginning, a process of growth, and then the inevitable ending or culmination of it all.  As one experience ends, a new experience is set in motion.  The sweet spot of these cycles that I often pay little attention to, however, is the breath or pause that happens in between the end of one experience, and the beginning of another.

As I enjoy these gloriously warm summer days, I feel called to feel into this space of pausing, allowing the experience of my first BLOOM season to really sink in, and the lessons I learned to work their magic, before I undertake the beginning of a fresh season.

Reflecting on what really made the last BLOOM season sparkle and come alive, the memories that immediately come to mind are moments of connection, collaboration and discovery.

Like any teacher, I made plans.  Sometimes these plans worked, and sometimes they didn’t.  The beauty of working with kids, and people in general, is that the day never goes according to ‘plan’.  Some days, it actually seemed like the kids were there for the sole purpose of challenging my plans and teaching me to let go of expectations.

At best, it seems to me that my role is one of taking shot after shot in the dark, as I continually strive to offer opportunities for the kids to make connections, and to be flexible if the opportunities I offer don’t take hold.

Moving Forward…

As I begin to prepare for the next BLOOM season, I feel inspired to focus on how I can create even more possibilities for connection, collaboration and discovery with the kids.

What I really want this next season to be about is hands-on projects that bring the kids together, and allow us to get totally engrossed in the process of what we are creating or exploring.  I also want the kids to feel their own agency, to take on these projects as their own, and, in making the projects their own, having the discoveries also be their own.

You’ll have to join us in BLOOM to see exactly what form these projects will take (at this moment, even I have no idea…).

One thing I can say for certain, however, is that fun, discovery, connection and magic will all be guaranteed, as this new season begins to take (yeah, I’m going to say it) BLOOM!!!

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