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Flourishing Flowers

April 28, 2013
Written by: admin

Well, the “near death experience” has turned into a bit of a reality 🙁

I’m not exactly sure of what the cause has been, my thoughts leading to scared to death from children making a lot of noise and touching the tank or life naturally taking its course. I may have had too many fish in this 20 gallon tank and the weak did not survive. In one week, we lost all three shrimp, one Cherry Barb, one Mickey Mouse Platy, one Tuxedo Platy and one Glass Cat. In my efforts to stop the massacre I brought the Cherry Barb and some water to Aquariums West to be tested. No result with the fish and the water is perfect. Hmmm, with that it was suggested to just wait to see if anything else happens. To this date, the only thing happening is fantastic plant growth!

Today, Sunday April 28th, the plants have been transplanted into a new media, hydro balls, into individual containers. Everything is moving along well. I have picked up more rockwool and am almost prepared to begin the next round of planting in the tray.

The Bloom class has been able to take advantage of the resources of the planter tray now and have planted some marigold’s that will ultimately end up being transplanted into one of the outside planter boxes.

Everybody is very excited to see the growth that is happening in the planter tray and the fish are really starting to entertain by chasing each other around and being very active. The process seems to be a hit. I am really excited to start producing food.

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