How It Works

Come early, come often!

As the great man said:

♩The more we get together, the happier we’ll be… ♫

… For real, though!

Which is why we’re pleased to announce the launch and lift-off of our new, on-going, Frequent Member Bonus (FMB), which rewards all families for coming in often:

Occasional Members – use at least 10 hours in any membership month, and get 3 bonus hours to keep the ball rolling into the next month. (Brings the price to $16/hr., inc. membership fee.)

Regular Members – use at least 24 hours in any membership month, and get 4 bonus hours for the next month’s visits. Enjoy 28 hours per month for just $15/hr., as often or irregularly as you like!

Hours transferred from previous months, integration hours, and referral bonus hours (3 hours FREE when you refer a friend!) all contribute towards the total number at the end of the month.

FMB hours are allocated on the 1st of the month but do no apply if there are unused hours in the account.

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