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Fuzzy ghost art activity

October 29, 2016
Written by: admin

With Halloween quickly approaching, I decided to do a ghost art activity for the kids. I rallied up the children to the table to make some fuzzy cotton ghosts. My original idea was to use popsicle sticks to scoop up the glue and paste the cotton balls on the ghost, but our other new staff member Sharmila thought it would be more fun to dip the cotton right into the glue and stick it right on. The children, especially the younger ones were more keen on this method, while some of the older children had almost finished already with the popsicle stick method. Nonetheless, the children all had fun and kept them engaged for a while!

After they had got quite a few cotton balls on, I offered different sized and coloured googly eyes and some children got creative and explored putting multiple eyes on their ghosts. Some children just had fun stirring the glue in the container and getting sticky!

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