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Goodbye Gnomes!

November 4, 2013
Written by: Johanna

After a month of telling gnome stories, making gnome gardens, going on gnome adventures, and building a gnome world, we packed our gnomes up in individual little containers and sent them home with the preschoolers, where they will hopefully continue to spread their wonder and magic…

As earth-dwellers, the gnomes represent a way of life that is much more connected to nature and its cycles, than we humans tend to be.  For us, they provided an opportunity, or a doorway into that connection.  It was easy for most of the kids to leap into this imaginary world, and to make it come alive.  

The first gnome story we told, was from a book by Sieglinde de Francesca, called “A Donsy of Gnomes, 7 Gentle Gnome Stories”.  This book acted as my guide to all things gnomey throughout the month, and it was one story from this book that set a magical tone from the get-go.  This story is about a crystal gardening gnome.  At a young age, his father teaches him to catch light from the stars and use this light to help crystals grow.  Catching some starlight ourselves, we were then able to grow our very own crystals!  Luckily, we also happened to have a crystal growing kit on hand, though I think the starlight was really what did it.

While waiting for the crystals to grow, we collected leaves, sticks, stones, chestnuts, acorns, berries…anything we thought we might need to make a cozy home for our gnomes!  Some we added a little extra colour and sparkle to, before adding them to our gnome world (I’ve never seen so many sparkly sticks and stones in my life!)

Bye bye lentils, hello gnome world!

Once the crystals were fully grown, we used them to create a crystal cave.  With a playdough pumpkin patch and mushroom garden, our gnome world was complete!

To say goodbye and wrap-up the month, we went on a yoga journey with our little gnomes, remembering and re-creating all the fun experiences we had together. With the gnomes safe and warm in the preschoolers’ homes for the winter, it is my hope that the kids will continue to play with them and re-create their own magical worlds again and again!

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