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Growing Up and Other Adventures

June 16, 2013
Written by: Johanna

What does it mean to ‘grow up’?

One little boy, for example, looks forward to growing a beard when he turns 41.  Another little girl explained how we never stop growing up.  We keep on growing up until we die and go up to heaven.  Another little boy is looking forward to living in Alaska with one of the girls from the BLOOM program.  Many of the kids look forward to the jobs they will have, and how they will get to help people or work with their moms and dads.

In the process of our exploration of ‘growing up’, we’ve had a few adventures…

A nurse, Kendra Brown, from the children’s hospital, came to talk to the kids about what she does in her work, how she helps people, and the kind of knowledge she must have to do her job.

The kids loved listening to their hearts and stomachs with her real-life stethoscope.


We also learned about some of the organs and systems inside our bodies.  Annie here helped to teach us about the digestive system, how blood flows through our bodies, and the importance of muscles and bones.  I was amazed at how much information the kids already had and how many major organs they could identify!  Budding scientists, nurses and doctors in the mix…


We ended the week by going to the local fire hall near 10th and Granville.  The kids looooved seeing all the equipment, sitting inside the fire truck, and watching a fire fighter climb 75 feet up to the top of the fire truck’s ladder.  It’s hard to say who had more fun—the kids or Talia…


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