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Hatching Dragons and Hatching Imagination…

April 21, 2015
Written by: Johanna

New dragons have been hatching at Buddings, ready to fly and go on their own adventures!

Tuesday and Friday’s Big Kids Club class Story Journeys has been all about dragons, as we learn about Dragon Land (the home of Drago our storytelling dragon), tell dragon stories, turn into dragons ourselves and even go on dragon hunts.




First we hatched into dragons, and then we were off to Charleson Park to see if we could catch any signs of dragon friends nearby. Dragons are pretty good at covering their tracks, but we still managed to find some magic dragon dust, dragon eggs, dragon bones, and even dragon poo!

To give you a sense of how the world of dragons has been lighting the kids’ imaginations on fire, check out this collaborative story that Jen and the kids wrote, inspired by one of our favourite dragon stories “Herb the Vegetarian Dragon”.

A Dragon Story by Nina, Leith, Avalon, Heron, Jules, Maksim and Jen 

Once upon a time there were six dragons. Their names were: Heron the Bad Dragon, Sparkle Princess, Fairy Dragon, Mean Dragon, Sparkle Princess the Second, Sparkle Jewel Princess and Red Dragon Mean. Some were nice and some were bad. The mean dragons fly around and look for people to eat. The nice dragons fly around and look for food like vegetables to eat.

The good dragons had a job to do. They protected planes from the mean dragons who throw rocks at them. Some nice dragons protect disappearing jewels. The mean dragons try to steal the jewels but the nice dragons protect the rocks by making hot water to throw at the mean dragons. The nice dragons were very nice and shared their vegetables with everyone. But the mean dragons had a plan to trick the nice dragons. They throw hot lava .

One day the mean dragons stole the jewels. The nice dragons chased them and took a rope, tied them up and wanted to throw them in a pool of crocodiles to eat. The mean dragons had hot lava that they threw at the crocodiles and they had knives to cut the ropes off so they escaped.

The good dragons roared fire at the bad dragons and put playdough all over the bad dragons so they wouldn’t fly. But the bad dragons had playdough knives to cut the playdough off. But then the good dragons threw food colouring all over the bad dragons and so they all changed colours! They all turned green. And green dragons are good dragons so the bad dragons turned nice! THE END

Come fly with us on Tuesdays and Fridays to see just how far dragons and our imaginations can take us!

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