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Hi, Lovely Buddies!

November 1, 2017
Written by: Ayumi Kato

Autumn is here! Time flies. It’s been about two months since Tomomi and I joined the Buddings team. We are from Japan and both used to work with children at different schools there. Fortunately, Buddings brought us here at the same time.

We are so happy to share such a precious time with the lovely buddies here at Buddings.

It seems the rainy season has come these days. Even though the sky looks a bit sad,  we have been having so much fun! Today, let us introduce you to some new activities we have done with children during morning circle time:


Here, we’re telling the story of The Gigantic Turnip with finger puppets. “Heave-ho, heave-ho,” our lovely buddies cheered, as they enjoyed this repeatable story.

It’s easy to go into why the story is so enjoyable: the rhythm and the cheering of “Heave-ho, heave-ho” gets the children involved and excited.  We use visual items to enhance their brain development through eyesight and hearing.

Also, children love puppets! Using puppets is a great way to enhance children’s social skills and intellectual development.



We will introduce you one more puppet friend: “Hungry Piggy” is one of Tomomi’s best friends here.  He is the piggy who is always hungry!

Tomomi: “Hungry Piggy is hungry! What can we do for him?”

Children: “Give him candies (fruits)! ”

While feeding Hungry Piggy, out little buddies are asked about colours and even numbers (“How many candies are there? Shall we count?”)

Through this simple activity, children can learn the fruits, colors, numbers, turn taking, and how to care about others.

We both believe consistency is one of the important elements in the children’s growth.  What we are focusing on is promoting children’s learning so that they can absorb new things efficiently. We are excited to continue doing some consistent activities while also introducing new activities.

It’s just the beginning!  We will keep trying to offer more meaningful time for all the buddies here in Buddings. Stay tuned!



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