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Holding our Heads High

October 8, 2013
Written by: Johanna

Our bodies have been measured, weighed, stretched and traced.  We’ve explored all five senses, discovered how strong hair is, and learned that it takes up to a month to create a wig out of real human hair.  We’ve also finally finished our month-long project.  The result—six very different papier-mache heads complete with hair, faces, headbands, and even scarves to keep them warm as the cold season approaches.


What I loved most about this project was witnessing the unique and creative ways that each of the children decorated his or her head.  The process very much reflected each child’s individual personality and I loved the freedom they had to create whatever they wanted.

No two heads were the same.  Some had buttons for noses, some had buttons on the top of their heads and some had button necklaces.  The hair, as well as the faces, were an assortment of unconventional colours, purple being the most popular choice for hair.  Some of the kids covered their whole heads with hair, cotton balls and buttons, and some only had a few pieces of yarn hanging off the back of their heads.  Of course, none of the heads were realistic, nor were they representational depictions of the kids themselves.  Instead, they were an opportunity for the kids to get creative and express their own ideas around how a head should look, what it consists of and how it is arranged.




We were so impressed with the final products that the heads are now on display at Buddings, looking down at us and keeping an eye (or two) on the daycare…


With our heads held high, we’re ready to move forward onto the next adventure.  Fall is all about our small, earthly gnome friends and how they are connected to the changing of the seasons.  Be sure to check out my next post to learn about the gnome world that’s begininning to take shape, as the kids and I bravely step into the great un-gnome!

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