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Ding Ding Ding! The singing bowl rings, and the 3 – 5’s drop what they’re doing and rush to the door of the nap-room- turned-adventure-den for Johanna’s afternoon program for preschoolers – BLOOM!

We were super impressed with her bright ideas and natural way with the kids during her time as a participant of our Training and Experience Internship last year. She did 55 hours of childcare training in under 4 months, and she also holds a degree in Education. When we tasked her with developing the 3 – 5s program, she took the opportunity to exercise her creativity and came up with a curriculum especially for the kids at Buddings!

They’re getting together Monday, Wednesday and Friday through the Spring Season to explore monthly topics in a variety ways. There’s a lot going on, and Johanna’s got her work cut out for her, not only planning and implementing her curriculum, but also sharing her adventures on her very own blog. Join her!

Click the photo for her most recent post, or get up to speed with the links below.

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