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How does Big Kids Club build social skills?

December 2, 2015
Written by: Talia

According to UBC’s Institute for Early Childhood Education and Research proficient social skills are a key indicator for early school success.

Social skills don’t develop in a vacuum, and they can’t be practiced at home – but Buddings is the social space where the more we get together, the happier we’ll be. 🙂

Flexible scheduling lets you access licensed, educational childcare whenever you need it, and when preschoolers attend Big Kids Club twice a week, it’s a social time, where their skills are called for again and again.

So how can the Buddings Big Kids Club be the social resource at your fingertips?

Thanks for asking!

1. Do you have space in your home to support your child’s rotating cycle of up to 8 friends every week?

Just kidding. 😉

The first step to supporting developing social skills is providing safe opportunities for engagement over time. Big Kids connect and reconnect with dozens of friends, and our 1:4 ratio for teachers is the lowest you’ll find.

<– And it looks like there’s an extra mat there!

2. How often does your child gravitate towards older kids? What can they learn from littler kids?

The Big Kids Club is one of the only programs in the city where children from age 2 to 5 can engage and learn from each other. We create accessible learning experiences where everyone participates as much as they can.

Older kids are the best teachers, and little kids will always look up to them, but having younger kids around is just as important!

Whenever children are encouraged to help, and work together, the successful outcomes are doubly positive. Each child can take pride in their friends’ success, as well as in their own accomplishments. That’s what makes it social!

3. Does your child take to new things right away?

Trying new things can be intimidating, and while some kids are always keen to jump right in, most of our buddies get more and more interested when topics are repeated, and projects develop over time. Consistent structure helps them know what will happen next, and lets them grow confidence at their own pace.

Big Kids Club classes run for 12 weeks, with a different learning focus every day, connecting to the kids’ experience, and expanding on their interests.

From construction and building, to colours, sustainability, science, cooking, nature club, and… so many more.

When kids come regularly, they get to see their ideas develop, and when schedules are flexible, our cohesive program is designed to welcome and incorporate everyone into the group. We are flexibly consistent. 🙂

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