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How Buddings Works

How Application Works

How Payment Works

How Booking Works

Buy Hours, Then Book Them

Hours are purchased from the Packages Tab on the far right of the Buddings Account. Choose your hours and pay online.

As soon as payment has been received, your hours are available for booking. Reservations are made easily, from anywhere:

  1. Log into the Buddings Account.
  2. Choose the day.
  3. Set the hours.
  4. Confirm snack options.

Reservations can be done with as little as one hour’s notice and, upon confirmation, appear on the Booking Calendar where they remain so you can track your visits for as long as your membership is active.

Reserve Spots

Our service is meant to be flexible, and we want to make sure you can always book the hours you need, so we release them in waves.

We hold back a few spots every hour and release them at midnight 2 days before. If your hours are full, you can either check back for a second chance to book it, or call the centre to ask a teacher to book you in.

If your days are flexible, and you can choose hours that are not full, that would be great, but if know you have a morning appointment to attend, don’t wait. Book your time as soon as possible to avoid frustration. Or call us. 🙂

We also hold a reserve of spots for “day-of” emergencies. Traffic happens, and if you’re stuck, stressing out about the daycare isn’t going to help. If it’s past 10 past, you will be booked into the reserve spot for the next hour. There’s no additional charge (over the regular hourly rate), so grab a coffee, do some grocery shopping, check your email, or… read a book!

We’ll see you at the top of the next hour (or whenever), with your child – ready for pick-up.

Unbooking Hours

With as little as one hour’s notice, you can book, or unbook, flexible occasional childcare. There are no penalties for changing your mind, and as soon as you cancel, our system lets us know. If you can’t get to a computer, feel free to call the centre, but please note: even by phone, we do not cancel hours with less than one hour’s notice.


Buddings provides a range of healthy and delicious snacks for the children in our care at 10am and 3pm. When making a reservation that includes one or both of these hours, you will be asked if you will provide a snack or purchase the daily snack. Buddings snacks are an additional $2 and as much about the journey as the destination. Many of our snacks are also learning activities where there kids can participate in cooking.

Our weekly snack menu can be found on our Google Calendar, as well as posted with our daily activities on the white board at the entrance. Snack options may shift through the week to accommodate dietary needs and restrictions of the children attending each day, but we’re pretty creative with ingredient substitution. 😉

Even when you opt in for snacks, we still recommend sending something along, as many children like knowing they have something from home.

How Communication Works

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