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Regular Contact via Email

At Buddings, we always welcome contact from families, whether it’s questions about your child or our centre, but such contact is most conveniently conducted via email. For general inquiries, the best address to use is info@buddings.ca, which goes to both the daycare manager and administrator. Direct contact info for our teachers can be found on the Staff Page.

Information about your account, invoices, and tax receipts are sent automatically through our website, and will always be sent to the Primary Guardian on the account.

Messages sent to staff or administrators will be answered promptly and with full detail. If you are new to our centre, many of the questions you may have are anticipated in our FAQ section, and a response might be most easily found there.

Phone for quick response

Since our bookings are hourly, and the schedule changes throughout the day, staff do try to answer the phone whenever possible. If you are looking to have us book or unbook your hours, any of the teachers can do it, and if there is information you need to share about your child’s visit, or special requests, free to call us. If it goes to machine, please TRY AGAIN to ensure the message is received in a timely manner.

Messages on the machine are not checked or returned on a regular basis.

Please either call again or, if your request is not urgent, send an email to info@buddings.ca to reach the management team.

Outside of regular business hours, you can also send text messages to 778-847-4992.


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