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How Buddings Works

How Application Works

How Payment Works

Members pay $10/mo.

Your membership fees cover your access to our centre and website, support and maintenance for your account, and everything you need for tax filing, profile updates, and updates about your child’s projects, friends, and development.

We have two membership types:

Occasional Membership – $10/mo. and $20/hour

The Occasional Membership has a low $10 monthly commitment and a $20/hourly rate – comparable to most baby-sitters. You get 3 hours for the first month for integration, and you can add more Occasional Hours whenever you need. For higher volume months, just buy Regular hours to be switched to Regular Membership for the month. We’ll bill the $60 Regular fee to your account, and you can access our reduced hourly rate for the rest of the month.

Regular Membership – $60/mo. and $15/hour

If you use 11 or more hours per month, our Regular Membership is no fuss, no muss, childcare when you need it, up to 40 hours/mo. You pay $15/hour and book with as little as one hour’s notice. The membership is $60/hour, billed on the 25th of the month.

To cancel or switch types, simply fill in the Membership Change/Cancel Form before the 15th of the last service month, and return your key cards. Annual tax receipts are issued in February. They will be emailed to the address on file.

Unused Hours

In a flexible, occasional world, plans can change. We know all about it! So at the end of the month, after a week-long cold, and a surprise visitor, if your paid Membership Account still has hours, we’ll move them into the next month for you. It costs 2 hours to make the leap, and they will be available on the 1st of the new month. We do not provide refunds for unused hours.

Monthly Snack Billing

Eating together is a special, social time where kids get together. When you book into 10am or 3pm, it’s snack time. Opting in to our daily snack costs $2 per snack, and is billed with the next month’s membership fees, on the 25th of the month. The last month of your membership, you will be billed for outstanding snack invoices.

Membership fees and snacks are not tax deductible.

Past 10 Past: 11 will get you 60

Your hours include 10 minutes on either end of any booking – for pick-ups and drop-offs. That means you can drop your child off at 9:50, for a 10 ‘o clock visit, and as long as you’re back in the building by 2:10, your visit will officially end at 2 ‘o clock. Four hours, no problem. That’s your time.

After 10 past, you’ll be booked into the next hour. If there are no hours available in your account, we’ll add one and apply the charge to your next monthly payment. You will be asked to sign off, and will receive the receipt on or around the 25th of the month.

How Booking Works

How Communication Works

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