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How Buddings Works

How Application Works

Application and Paperwork

Want to Become a Buddy? No problem! Applying to Buddings is free and convenient, and doing so tells us that you are interested in having a spot in our program.

Once we’ve received your application, we’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know we got it (please check your spam, if you don’t see it, and don’t forget to add “admin@buddings” to your safe list).

The email has the information you need to choose the best orientation date (ideally 1 – 3 weeks before you’d like to start care), what to bring, and some suggestions for getting started. During the meeting, you and your child can come in and get acquainted with the staff, centre, and policies. Administrative communications from Buddings will be done via email, and signing up for our newsletter is where you can find details of our program, upcoming events and closures, and policy updates. We do not send out paper… anything.

We are currently accepting applications for toddlers (18 – 36 mo.) and preschoolers (3 – 5yrs.). If your child is not yet at least 16 months, we cannot promise that a spot will be available, but with flexible usage, one will likely open within a week or two.

Orientation and Play Dates

For many families, the orientation meeting and tour is your child’s first encounter with the centre, and sometimes with the concept of daycare in general. To help them understand what it’s all about, we will organize a short group activity for parents and children, and then a teacher will invite the children to come play while families review the daycare policies and paperwork.

Parents can encourage their children to explore by explaining that the paperwork is very boring, but that you will be right here. Orientations play an important role in the daycare integration process, and usually takes 30 – 40 minutes.

We will need to make a copy of your child’s immunization record and CareCard number for the account, and you will be asked to sign a credit card authorization form for the membership fees. For emergency records, we will also keep a head shot of your child, and everything except the credit card form will be stored electronically on Dropbox.

WE DO NOT STORE OR TRANSMIT CREDIT CARD INFORMATION ELECTRONICALLY. We ask that you do not send credit card information by email.

The orientation meeting is our first opportunity to get to know your child. If they have never been to daycare, you can help prepare them for the experience by explaining that you will be visiting a “school” or “daycare” to play with toys and kids. Our staff are excited to show them around, and your encouragement makes a huge difference.

Integration and Getting Started

Upon activation, Regular Members will have 3 hours in the bank, ready to book within the first month. Take a moment to explore the tabs, update your contact information, child’s information and, when you’re ready, make your first reservations for FREE!

For kids under 3, or those for whom separation is a new, or potentially stressful experience, we have a very successful Integration Program of three 1-hour visits within a week – 10 days. We’ll talk to you about it at the interview. 😉

Following Up

At the end of your first month, we will want to know how it’s going. We hope your child is adjusting well to the new routine, and that you are enjoying flexibly scheduled free time. You can let us know that everything is going smoothly by purchasing your first hours package and bringing your child back, ideally twice a week.

If you didn’t make it in for your integration, but are still interested in the service, we will ask you to make arrangements to come in as soon as possible. The free hours will be moved into the next month. If your plans have changed, please get in touch with us and let us know how you’d like to proceed.

How Payment Works

How Booking Works

How Communication Works


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