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I’m back, I’m back everyone!

August 31, 2015
Written by: Denet

Hi everyone! It’s been six months since I left Buddings and Canada and went back to my country to apply for my working visa. The process took longer than we thought but at the end we got it!

For the ones that haven’t met me yet, my name is Denet and I moved to Canada three years ago. I come from the sunniest place in Mexico and I have a lovely family there. My mom is a school principal at primary school and my dad is a doctor. I have two younger sibblings; my brother Raul and my sister Alejandra who are absolutely amazing.

I studied Early Childhood Education here in Vancouver and was lucky enough to find a job at Buddings right away. Talia was willing to help me renew my working visa for a year but, long story short, the process took us a whole year since we sent the first application. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions for me to get the visa but I’m so glad I never threw the towel and kept trying.

I would like to say thanks to every single family that helped me through all the process of getting my visa and kept asking Talia how the application was going and of course, a special thanks to Talia for being so patient and helping me and keeping it so positive.

Even though I had some hard times leaving my job and what I feel is my home now; families and teachers always made me feel loved and supported. Therefore, I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone! It did mean a lot to me!

Since returning, it’s been so nice to meet all these new families and teachers. I love to know as well that a lot of the children that use to be here before I left are still coming to Buddings. Children grow super fast and after six months being away I was so surprised to see how tall they all are and how many new words they have learned.

I came back to Buddings with tears of happiness.

I just couldn’t believe I was back. Vancouver is such a beautiful city! I love how green it is and especially how multicultural and welcoming it is. I love my job as well. How I couldn’t love it if as soon as I walk in some small arms hug me and I see all these smiles? I’m so happy to be back and I hope to meet you all soon.

Tuesdays will be mine at our Big Kids’ Club afternoons this Autumn and we will be having some fieldtrips and learning about nature. Every tuesday we will be learning about “Fairies, Gnomes and Nature” Don’t miss out!



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