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Kids We Love: Bradley the Little

February 17, 2016
Written by: Talia

Bradley is one of the littler buddies, but with a big brother at home, he’s very mature for his age. 🙂

Bradley speaks clearly, and knows words none of his only-child, or older-child, peers know. He plays games that Wesley learns at school, and brings in all the kindergarten jokes – farting sounds, running away, pulling faces, and – the classic – using his smaller status to get what he wants. And get his brother in trouble.

If “do I have to…?” is the phrase of the put-upon big brother, when it’s time to share or “help your brother,” then “ooowwwwww, doooonnn’t” is the universal little brother call – drawn out to maximize the chances of parents hearing it.

Little siblings are constantly chasing. They have a permanent in-house role model who knows how to do… so many things! It’s so normal for them to feel like they’ll never catch up.

Ride a bike, swim underwater, draw with markers, build with lego… the list is endless, and little siblings want to do it all. So they try!

At home, Bradley is the little brother. He gets knocked around because he plays with a boy who outweighs him by almost 50%. And he goes back for more!

At daycare, he’s the toughest two year old in town. There’s not a toy in his house that hasn’t been snatched from his little hands, so at Buddings, he holds his ground. He has a more developed sense of language, and humour, and his strong sense of justice comes from having someone against whom to compare. He never forgets what it’s like to be little, so he helps the kids who are smaller than him. Most of the time…

Bradley is a regular in my Big Kids Club class on Wednesdays. He’s great on fieldtrips, and a pretty good listener, and even though he’s usually the first to lose attention, or get silly, when I remind myself how young he is, and how, thanks to his big bro, he’ll always be striving to keep up with the big kids, I see how that motivation to compete above his level will be a trait that any older child would be lucky to have. And how lucky we are to have him now.

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