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Kids We Love: Sweets for the sweet

February 18, 2016
Written by: Talia

Julian started coming to Buddings in January 2013. That’s over two years ago!

He was just 18 months old, and he was the sweetest toddler in all of Buddings.

He never cried, he loved… everything, and seeing him put things together, using his toddler logic and unfaltering positivity, was a highlight of every visit.

When the littlest kids come in, they have a lot of learning to do. Parallel play is a normal way to spend their time, and even though they watch the other kids, and they might even want to join in, they have to find their footing, first. Because the other kids have a big influence on them. And Jules was the littlest of them all.

Marlow joined the program a few months later. She was almost 2, and almost immediately, we noticed how well the two of them got along.

Marlow is the big sister you didn’t know you wanted, even if she’s younger than you. She loves the little kids. It’s important to her that they can reach their water, and have a spot to sit at the table. If it’s Declan or Malcolm, or even Julian’s little brother Alex, that spot should be next to her!

But it’s not just that she’s caring (she is!), and it’s not even that she loves to help (she does!), it’s her shining positivity that makes her just radiate. And makes everyone else shine, too. She’s the sweetest girl in all of Buddings, and she brings out the best in people.

For all his shy smiles, adorable mispronunciations, and – these days – killer dance moves, Julian the boy is only as sweet as his compatriots. His best friend AJ is a fan-fav, as well, and when they get together, it’s dinosaurs stomping, firetrucks, monkeys jumping on the bed, and… oh! so many monkeys!

Marlow is the secret spice that brings out their sweetness.

When she’s in the house, we play her favourite songs because she’s so eager for everyone to enjoy them with her. Julian can’t resist the chance to jump with Marlow, and AJ loses his little brother chip, surrounded by such generous friends.

Do they want to play with play dough?

Only if Marlow wants to. But since she does (always), they’re all happy to start making cookies, rolling and shaping the dough.

How about lentils?

Marlow wants to make a hospital, and make soup for all the sick people. Julian and AJ start bringing chairs so everyone has somewhere to sit.

With hourly changes to the roster, and flexible scheduling, the group dynamic can go from mellow to manic at any time. It’s the power of positivity that carries us through. These sweet children make everyone exponentially sweeter. Lucky for us!

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