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Buddings Presents: Latin Summer!

May 31, 2016
Written by: Talia

With the sunny weather this season, and classes exploring Spanish, music, beaches, and fairy tales, this year, we’re pleased to present (and explore!): Latin Summer!

Our Big Kids Club classes will use art, body movement, language, creative expression and of course, fieldtrips, to explore the daily class topics over the 8-week season from July 4 – Aug. 26.

Click any of the images below to find the program details:


Tuesday and Wednesday



Johanna Peters Denet Albores and Isabel Socorro Sarah MacDonald Talia Erickson

Fun Facts about Latin Summer:

1. During the summer, with the beaches calling enticingly, and days that go on and on, LATIN SUMMER Field Trips run from 1 – 5pm, giving us that much more room to roam.

2. Johanna has been expanding her repertoire (again), training to be a certified kids’ music teacher. This season, her Monday class will be a connection-style class of music, movement, and iMagination

3. To cover the depth and variety of Latin culture, Denet and Isabel will be joining forces for their program Verano Latino, running Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

4. Sarah and the Spring Pirate Club took the centre by storm, and for summer, her serial scaffolding continues – into the woods! Thursdays, in Fantasy Forest, she’ll be searching for fairies, and following the folks that bring us our favourite fables.

5. Finally, our Fridays explore the introspective side of a day at the beach. Sweet Beach Dreams visits a different beach or waterway every week, taking in the beauty of nature to make beautiful… poetry. Wondering how that’s going work? Join Talia for a rip-rhyming, clip-climbing, hand-holding, beachcombing, giggidy-giggiddy good time, Fridays from 1 – 5pm. 😉

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