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May 31, 2015
Written by: Talia

It’s fun to get letters from friends that you miss, and last week, I was lucky enough to get two! They are both from Buddings teachers missing in action, and their words make me so proud of the little daycare we all know and love.

Case in point, this amazing letter that Jen left in the teachers’ room after she left last Thursday, written with coloured markers:

Dear Buddings Family,

It’s hard to stop working at a place I love coming to so much. Everyday I come to work I experience so much joy, laughter, and heart melting moments that even though these last few weeks my body has told me I should slow down… I want to keep coming here… like forever.

So I’ve snuck in a few naps (while helping the kids nap, of course), and plunked myself on the floor to play… literally without moving… and while reading stories to the kids, I nearly put myself to sleep… but I just love being here.

I want to thank all of you for being such wonderful people to work with… it’s been so great sharing jokes and feeling your support as my belly ballooned and energy waned. Thank you!

I am sure I will be back to share some tales, and bring my little peanut in for show and tell. Until then, I’ll be thinking about you all while I spend the next however long getting ready for peanut’s arrival.

Much Love, and thanks to you all! Love Jen

And then, on a super sweet, but not-so-nice note, a letter from our girl Denet.

Before we get to it, though, we’re disappointed to inform you that her work permit application was rejected, despite the fact that we did get a positive answer from the Labour Market Impact Assessment. It seems we made an error in the process (trust me, we made a lot of mistakes…), and the misunderstanding resulted in a “contravention.” Boo…

We go the news last week, but I was in such a bad mood that I didn’t know how to tell you about it. In the end, I gave up and didn’t write anything at all. But then Denet emailed me, and her sunny personality, and indomitable spirit (seriously, she is a rainbow of positivity…) shone through so brightly, they pierced through my depression, and reminded me why we have been going through all this in the first place. She’s not giving up, and I guess neither am I.

Find her letter below, and wish us luck.

Hi Talia! 🙂

I think you are right. I think we did everything we could to get it. I’ve been thinking about it all week. It’s hard to accept they said no again but living there was my dream and I don’t think I’ll stop fighting for what I want. Right now I don’t know what to do to be where I want to be but I think I’ll get it eventually and one day I’ll be back in Vancouver. I’ll go and knock on Buddings door and say: “Hi everyone! It took time but I got it!”

People say everything happens for a reason and maybe thats true. Maybe one day I’ll found out that there’s a reason why I needed to be where I am at the moment. Until that day comes I will be happy wherever I am and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the people that are around me, the weather, the opportunities that come to me, everything! Because at the end of the day that’s what life is all about.

I don’t have the words to thank you for everything you have done, all your patience and your time through this exhausting process. And like you always say: ” Maybe we didn’t get it but it was a learning experience!”

Please say hi and thank you to everyone at Buddings; teachers, children, and parents. It was a great experience and I will always remember my time at Buddings with a big smile. I love you all and I will always be extremely thankful for all your love and support.

This isn’t over. I’m sure one day we’ll meet again! We’ll keep in touch and I will write another email for the teachers soon. Please give them a hug for me!

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