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Love is in the tank

May 20, 2013
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May 20, 2013

Well, it has been a bit since my last post, but that is not short of exiting happenings in the day in the life of symbiotic life at buddings!

After going through a tough spurt, with no learned reasoning, which includes the death of multiple fish, I am delighted to say that there has been much more life. In one week, I lost four of six of the platys in the tank. In all of my frustration of not being able to figure out why all of the deaths had occurred, the tank, and more so the remaining two platys proved to me that all of my work was going to pay off. We now have a new born platy swimming around in the tank!! After pretty much magically appearing out from under the log in the tank, it was decided that it was so cute and little that it needed a name. If you come in to Buddings, feel free to ask anybody to introduce you to our newest little friend, Goggles!

I am equally exited to say that the cauliflower and the lone beanstalk have been transplanted outside into the garden boxes. Very proud to say that we are now producing food at Buddings as the cauliflower is growing, slowly but continuous,  Mr. Bean is now producing beans!!!

Since the transplant, we have started to sprout the next round of plants. We have planted corn, tomatoes, sunflowers, basil and, my next long term goal with the system is to produce our very own pumpkins that we can carve for Halloween this year. Another goal that I will begin very soon is to plant strawberries that will stay in the planter tray and hopefully produce strawberries that the kids can pick straight off the vine.

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