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Marching through March, Hawaiian exploration

March 29, 2015
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Marching through March Hawaiian Edition

As a part of the second installment of the  Marching through March series  of big Kid’s Club, the big kids  learned

about Hawaiian Culture.

On March 13th,2015 the Big kids at buddings received a letter of the March Hare, stating that he had left his home

in Wonderland, to travel the world.   In the letter to the children the March Hare wrote about his explorations

in an new strange new place.  While, the children listened to the letter they were  encouraged to reflect upon their

own experiences living in a big city. The March Hare was especially interested to learn about how the children

travel to Buddings, what flowers they see and what foods they eat.


The children  were developing a sense of belonging as they learned and discovered different cultures that were

different from theirs own.  The children were  also learning about social responsibility  as they learned to

appreciate to culture and diversity when learning about the different types of food Hawaiians eat,

the different types of animals that live in Hawaii.

An important aspect of child development is to develop a sense of belonging and well-being.

The children achieved this by working collaboratively as a team to teach and supported each other to learn

the Hawaiian Hula.  During, Big Kids Club the children and the educator worked together to learn the how to

hula dance by watching a video clip of hula dancing.

After, watching the video the children had the opportunity to share their opinion, understanding of what they

watched to choreograph their own dance moves.






The children also had the opportunity to learn about Hawaiian culture by listening to story about a child raised

in Hawaii and by making flower Leis for their Hula dancing.

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