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Marching to your own Beat

March 18, 2014
Written by: Johanna

Marching through March has been all about (wait for it)…marching!  Musical marches, dress-up marches, partner marches, obstacle course marches, any and all marches you can think of!  Within all of this marching, however, the underlying theme for me has been all about self-expression and marching to your own beat.

One of my favourite projects yet has been making these lentil-filled tin can drums with the kids.

These drums have become tools for the kids to express themselves, as the Big Kids Clubbers and I have been using the drums to express how we are feeling in any given moment and to create our own unique songs.  Sometime our songs are fast, sometimes slow, sometimes loud, sometimes quiet.  Sometimes they shake, sometimes they beat, sometimes they rock and roll, always they are different, fresh and ever-evolving, just like the kids.

What I will hold closest to me from my time at Buddings as I move on to new adventures and unexplored terrain, is the joy I have experienced in providing opportunities for the kids to express themselves and to share themselves in new and creative ways.  Through them, I have also learned about myself and about who I want to be in this world.

Although I’m not quite sure how to say goodbye to all the amazing kids and families I have been blessed to know over my time at Buddings, I do want to thank you for your incredible generosity and kindness.  I always feel so acknowledged and appreciated by the families here, and I know how much you value what we do.  I will carry you with me in my heart and I wish all the families and kids so much happiness, love and peace.

Goodbye for now and continue marching to your own beat!

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