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Mother Spring

April 21, 2013
Written by: Johanna


Spring continues in Vancouver and it seems as though the sun is teasing us.  The sun shines brilliantly one moment, and the next moment the clouds have rolled in and the rain begins to fall…

As I tell the kids, Mother Spring knows best.  She knows exactly when the plants are in need of rain, and when they are in need of sun.  She makes everything fresh and green again. She encourages the flowers to thrive, sending her helpers, the buzzing bees and the beautiful butterflies, to pollinate the flowers.  She reminds us to appreciate the abundance of life and the beauty of nature.

To experience first hand what Mother Spring has been up to, we went on a field trip to the local community garden at City Hall.  Though a mere six blocks from Buddings, it was quite a journey to undertake with eight 3 – 5 year olds.  Once we got there, the plan was to collect flowers and bugs and explore the gardens.  After our little picnic, however, the kids were so happy to be outside with space to run and play in, that we ended up spending most of our time rolling down the hill and having races up and down it.

Seeing how much fun the kids were having, reminded me that sometimes it’s okay to let go of lesson plans and ‘intended learning outcomes’ to go with the flow and just play.



Meanwhile, at the daycare, the Marigold seeds the kids planted continue to thrive, as their little sprouts get bigger and bigger.  We put popsicle sticks in the soil to measure the growth of the plants over time, and we can’t wait until we can put them outside, where we can trust Mother Spring to do her magic and help them to blossom into their full potential.


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