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Pacific Normal Time

April 1, 2015
Written by: Talia

The next scheduled, arbitrary flipping of an hour of our lives happens on Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015. What would happen if we said “no”?

This April Fool’s Day, partly in jest, and partly in sincerity, Buddings is staging a boycott:

We will not agree to change our perception of time as we know it, for no reason whatsoever. It’s ridiculous.

The best way to handle irrational demands is to ignore them.

Six months from now, when “Daylight Savings” ends, Buddings will not be changing our clocks. We will even un-change the iPads and office computer. Buddings will continue to operate on what we propose to call Pacific Normal Time (PNT).

You may think it futile for one little daycare to buck the world-wide insanity, but lots of places don’t change their time for no reason. Saskatchewan doesn’t. We won’t either!

We will continue to support families in the newly adjusted “Pacific Standard Time” (PST) zone, by opening one hour earlier, at 8am PNT, and we urge you to keep at least one clock in your home or car set to PNT to avoid late fees and missed bookings.

Or… You could take a stand! Keep all your clocks on PNT!

PNT is a time zone with a one hour difference from PST. Just like Mountain Standard Time (MST). But PNT is only in effect in the winter. And PNT is a time zone we carry within us. Everyone, and every household, makes its own choices when it comes to PNT. What will it be for you? Arbitrary time warps, twice a year, for no purpose? Or Normal Time?

Stop the change you don’t want to see in the world! No more time change! Spread the word:

1. Use PNT, and encourage your family, friends, employer, and clients to use PNT when making appointments with you.

2. Request that people make air quotes, or some other visual cue when the say times in “PST,” to avoid confusion.

3. Help others understand and support their participation. Ex: host an “un-change your iPhone” workshop for people who’s smart phones change automatically.

If enough Vancouverites stand together, we know we can ignore Daylight Savings Time until it goes away!

John Oliver’s report on How this is Still a Thing, is well researched and provides great additional information and tools you can use when people ask you about your choice. Watch it here:

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