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Parking Lot Perspective

May 31, 2015
Written by: Talia

If you are a current Buddings member, you will have noticed that the parking situation at our building has become problematic. Half the lot is closed for repairs.

The summer construction season is just starting up, but it already has everyone feeling a bit hot! People are confused! They need information!

Asher, Maksim, and I interviewed one of the crew members working on the job, Alex, who was kind enough to answer a few of the burning questions.

1. (Asher and Maksim) Do you need to wear protective equipment?

Answer: Yes. The men working on the parking lot are wearing goggles (or sometimes sunglasses), protective ear muffs, and special rubber padded gloves to absorb some of the vibrations from the jack hammer. They also have steel-toed boots, and filters over their noses and mouths to keep the dust out of their lungs. The boots are very heavy.

2. (Talia) Why is it taking so long?

Answer: The crew are only allowed to run the jack hammers between the hours of 2pm and 6pm, and the sections that need to be broken up are reinforced with steel rebar they have to work around. It takes a long time.

3. Can the kids try on all your equipment?

Answer: Yes. (Asher and Maksim got to try on his ear muffs and gloves, and we had brought out our own goggles.)

4. When will it be done?

Answer: Alex thinks it will probably be another couple of weeks, but promises that the jack hammering will be done soon. (Disclaimer: He is not actually in charge of the schedule, and doesn’t really know.)

5. Do people need to be patient, or is there another way that we can all try to cope with the reduced access to parking?

Answer: People need to be patient. While the construction is underway, Impark has not been around to give out tickets, and when it is done, we will have the parking lot back to normal.

If families cannot find a spot at all, and would like to have one of the teachers meet you in the parking lot to receive or deliver your child, we can do that. Feel free to give us a call.

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