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Daily Routine

Buddings is open late! Well, not passed your bedtime…

Buddings is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, and 10am – 4pm on Saturdays. Late enough to cover an evening yoga class after work, or until your partner gets home from downtown. We are closed on all BC stat holidays, though, and for a week at Christmas time. Check our Google Calendar for closures, snacks, and special events.

Our curriculum is based on the children’s interests, with a monthly framework.

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There are no “tests” at Buddings, and you will not receive “grades” for your child’s progress.

Instead, regular contact with families allows us to work with guardians and Buddies to give each one the special attention that will help them to progress at their own rate, and in their own direction. And, of course, your child’s backpack will be full of the arts and crafts that they’ll be creating everyday!

In the course of activities, photographs will be taken of Buddies’ art projects for display online as Art of the Week.

Each week, nine of our favourite creations will be selected for display on our website, with the child’s first name and age.

Photographs of your child, or activities in which your child is involved while at Buddings, will never be made public without explicit written consent.

We take hundreds of photos each month and we send a selection of them to the families of the children who attended. These are primarily taken during group activities, at the snack table, or for display in the centre. On occasion, for marketing or promotional purposes, we may approach families for consent to publish a specific image of their child. This will happen only after receiving written consent, and does not cover any other photos than the one requested.

The facility has a Nap Room where Buddies can rest anytime.

There is no “nap time” in our day because Buddies leave and arrive at variable times, but if families request it, or if we feel that a child could really use some down time, we’ll set them up with a cot, blanket and sheet in the nap room. A teacher will usually stay with the child for at least a 30 minute rest time, or until they fall asleep.

There’ll be something amazing coming out of the Kitchen Area, at two Snack Hours every day.

Snacks/meals from home should be nutritious and come in a labeled, reusable container.

Nuts at Buddings.

Bringing toys and other items from home is A-OK, especially if it makes our Buddies more comfortable with being away from the family for a short time.

Sometimes, depending on our daily inspirational topic, we may even ask everyone to bring in a special item. These are to be shared with the group, and put away in the cubbies when it’s time to do something else. Items from home should be appropriate for children aged 2 and up, and should not have a violent suggestion. Please do not bring video games or devices of any kind to Buddings.

If you forget the wipes at home, don’t worry.

Buddings supplies environmentally-friendly options for most daily needs, including soaps, diapers, wipes, etc. We will also aim to have extra clothes available for loan in case of accidents. If your child is prone to such occurrences, do try to plan ahead.

There are some things you should plan to bring to Buddings.

The cubbies at the entrance of the centre are shared and cleaned regularly. This is where our Buddies can hang their coats, and keep their treasures. Every time you arrive, please be sure to sign the attendance sheet, change from outside shoes to inside shoes, and make sure you have all of the following: 

  • A reusable, labelled bottle of water
  • Snack(s) in a labelled, reusable container, if needed
  • Indoor shoes with gripping soles
  • Clothes suitable for exploring and experimenting
  • Extra/specific supplies, if needed
  • Any medications necessary, in original labeled package, with directions included – a signed, dated, consent form will be required for staff members to administer drugs of any kind
  • Thinking caps and healthy imaginations

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